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Sony E3 Press Conference to stream in Home


So far I have avoided rumors in this blog. But if this one is true you must know about it in advance in order to take advantage. So that having been said the rumor is that the Sony E3 Press conference will be streamed live onto the home presentation podium space screen.

Sony presentation podium in Home

Rumors also say that Home might be integrated into the press conference something like “We now go live to Locust_Star in home.” I personally hate rumors because they so often turn out to be just wish full thinking but you know I will be at the presentation podium space at 2:00pm Eastern on June 2nd.


Free inFamous Cole outfit for Home


On the PlayStation forum Home manager Locust_Star revealed that on June 4th “Assuming you completed the inFAMOUS demo, it (Cole costume) will magically appear in your inventories”.

The most humorous response to this post was a reference to a current bug in home “Hopefully it doesn’t disappear just as magically”


Sony’s Home USA server finally getting some love with Xi


It was once said about Sony’s Home Asian servers that “the grass is not greener over there it is made of gold”. It has long been the case that the Asian server has been the testbed for programming items and item functionality, such as mall transactions, Item drops while playing games, and free homespace item and clothing giveaways. On the US server we seem to be the social test server. With things like the first user to answer these questions on the forum and win a T-shirt, or having a Halloween “event”. BTW “event” turned out to be server load test with a few posters changed in the plaza and a <mod> showing up to take a few snapshots.

Well it looks like they are finally applying some coding to the US server. Xi is a VR world puzzle (ARG) game with weekly additions to content. It is a follow the clues type game.

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