The Curse of the PS3 MMO


Back when the PS3 was released Sony talked about its hard Drive and its network saying that the platform is the perfect vehicle for a console MMO experience. At the time the idea did not seem far fetched after all the PS2 had a Final Fantasy MMO. But in the three and a half years since how many MMOs have been released for the PS3? Well, if you guessed zero then you win the grand prize. If you want to argue HOME is an MMO then -1 point for you, it is a social networking app not a game. Games like Endless Saga, Aliens vs Predator, The Marvel MMO, The Agency, Free Realms and many more have all been announced and gone on to be either canceled or delayed. And now the latest setback, Joystiq reports that “The Agency has lost some top agents as several members of Sony Online Entertainment’s Seattle studio have left to form Detonator Games.“. Art director Corey Dangel, studio director Matt Wilson and producer John Smith have all left Sony Online Entertainment’s Seattle studio and gone on to form their own studio. Sony claimes that the games development is unaffected but I am taking that statement with a grain of salt. Will the Agency make its 2010 release date? I truly hope so but we only have past history to judge by.


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