Sony E3 Press Conference to stream in Home


So far I have avoided rumors in this blog. But if this one is true you must know about it in advance in order to take advantage. So that having been said the rumor is that the Sony E3 Press conference will be streamed live onto the home presentation podium space screen.

Sony presentation podium in Home

Rumors also say that Home might be integrated into the press conference something like “We now go live to Locust_Star in home.” I personally hate rumors because they so often turn out to be just wish full thinking but you know I will be at the presentation podium space at 2:00pm Eastern on June 2nd.


One comment

  1. What would be even cooler is if they held a virtual version of E3 in Home. You could actually walk around see exhibits as well as play demos and watch presentations. I know I should be working for Sony, but I have a lot of energy to drain from Empire City.

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