Free Realms Enters Into Open Beta on the PC


SOE’s candy colored PC mmo enters into open beta on Tuesday April 28, 2008. You can think of this game as an mmo for the casual gamer. The attempt is to attract families, tweens and teens into a free fun casual environment. Variety is a key feature of this game. Activities include cart racing, exploration, pet training, mini games, a trading card game and the usual mmo fair of gaining experience to level fantasy characters.

If you understand mmo terms such as Grind, Pull, Power Level and Mob Aggro then this might not be the game for you, but the mmo curious and the young should find something of interest in Free Realms. Now you might be saying to yourself “Why is this PC game showing up in a PS3 blog?” Well the answer is that Sony Online Entertainment is no longer under the umbrella of Sony Pictures and has been moved under Sony Computer Entertainment. That means that SOE will finally start producing games for the PS3 and Free Realms is looking to be the first out of the gate later this year.

If you are interested in trying this free PC mmo head to www.FreeRealms.com and join the open beta.


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