Walmart Discounts Select PS3 Titles Under 20$


Walmart.com is offering select PS3 titles under $20,
Lost Planet: Extreme Condition – $14.82
Sega Rally Revo – $15.82
Mirror’s Edge – $19.96
Battlefield: Bad Company – $19.82
LEGO Batman – $19.82
LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga – $19.82

If any of these games ever tempted you then now is the time. If nothing here appeals to you just keep biding your time. Everyone knows that with few exceptions games get cheaper as they get older.


The Curse of the PS3 MMO


Back when the PS3 was released Sony talked about its hard Drive and its network saying that the platform is the perfect vehicle for a console MMO experience. At the time the idea did not seem far fetched after all the PS2 had a Final Fantasy MMO. But in the three and a half years since how many MMOs have been released for the PS3? Well, if you guessed zero then you win the grand prize. If you want to argue HOME is an MMO then -1 point for you, it is a social networking app not a game. Games like Endless Saga, Aliens vs Predator, The Marvel MMO, The Agency, Free Realms and many more have all been announced and gone on to be either canceled or delayed. And now the latest setback, Joystiq reports that “The Agency has lost some top agents as several members of Sony Online Entertainment’s Seattle studio have left to form Detonator Games.“. Art director Corey Dangel, studio director Matt Wilson and producer John Smith have all left Sony Online Entertainment’s Seattle studio and gone on to form their own studio. Sony claimes that the games development is unaffected but I am taking that statement with a grain of salt. Will the Agency make its 2010 release date? I truly hope so but we only have past history to judge by.


Fat Princess Release date July 30th


There will be a simultaneous worldwide on July 30th in N. America, Europe and Asia for $14.99. YES finally a release date. I will see you online, you will know it is me because I will be the one standing over your corpse saying “Sorry, I must have your hat.”


PS3 Owner Sues Sony For Free Speech Violation


In response to being banned from the PlayStation Network Erik Estavillo of San Jose Filed suit against Sony in the U.S. District Court in California alleging free speech violation. Details are not available as to what exactly transpired to cause the ban but this quote from gamepolitics.com has the most information available. “The plaintiff was exercising his First Amendment Rights to Freedom of Speech in the game’s public forum when he was banned from, not only [Resistance], but also banned from playing all other games online via the PlayStation Network” Estavillo claims to have agoraphobia (a fear of crowds) and says that the PSN is his only social outlet and is asking for $55,000 in damages.

I wanted to blog about this because it brings up an interesting point about how much control Sony has or should have over its servers and the content on them. Some people feel that they are online in a manufactured reality and they should be able to do and say what ever they want, while others believe that being polite and the “golden rule” are important even online. Sony has its Terms of Service (TOS was once called EULA) that define what it feels is acceptable on its servers. In my experience on the Home service I know of only one user who has received a permanent PSN ban and he was hacking the code. Language violations usually get one week to one month bans. I can’t even guess what Eric was doing on the forums to get a permanent ban.

So I put the question forth to you dear reader (I know there is at least one of you out there lol) where should Sony draw the line about what is acceptable? At what point are they supporting social standards and at what point is the jackboot coming down on our necks?


Has Fat Princess Been Delayed?


For those of you who don’t know about Fat Princess here is the description from the official Playstation site. “Frantic and fun, Fat Princess pits two hordes of players against each other in a comic medieval battle royale. Your goal is to rescue your beloved princess from the enemy dungeon. There’s a catch though: your adversary has been stuffing her with cake to fatten her up and it’s going to take most of your army working together to carry her back across the battlefield.”

I have been into electronic games for a long long time. There is a universal truth about these games “Games will be delayed.”

Earlier this year videos were shown that said this title would be released in June (those vids are long gone I looked for them). Well June is almost over and there is not a peep out of Sony about this title.

On the European PS Blog Mike Kebbly responded to a question about the Release of Fat Princess in Europe saying “Fat Princess will have a global release date, but I can confirm for you it will not be next week I’m afraid. The game is coming at some point this summer, but there is no confirmed release date at the moment.”

This has raised fears that with only one more Thursday before the end of June that the US version will be delayed also. Destructoid, Shacknews, WorthPlaying and G4 have all announced on the web that this is the case.

I say there is a glimmer of hope. Europe has a history of getting the “pointy end of the stick” when it comes to game releases. The diversity of the area that SCEE covers makes it a nightmare for localization and approval. I am NOT saying Fat Princess will come out this June 25th. I just saying no wailing and gnashing of teeth until the 25th comes and goes or until SCEA gives us the official word.


Slim PS3 Who Cares?


Rumors still abound about the slim ps3. What I want to know is what is the point. My ps3 fits in my entertainment unit with no problem. It is smaller than my 5.1 surround sound receiver. The depth and width are smaller than my cable box. Who really cares about a smaller form factor for the PS3. I get the feeling that the only people who really care are the rumor mongers who want to be able to say “See I was right”.

The only way that a slim ps3 can be of any interest is if it can be produced at less cost to Sony. This would bring Sony closer to being able to produce the ps3 profitably and would strengthen the playstation community. In the end nobody really cares about the slim ps3 it is time to move on and find something else to fixate on.


Demon’s Souls


As a fan of computer RPG games I have noticed a distinct lack of RPG titles for the PS3. Well Atlus is looking to remedy that deficiency by porting Demon’s Souls over from japan. The game looks to be a hardcore RPG with some very intriguing online aspects. The Release date is still to be announced the official word is “this fall” and Amazon lists it as October 27th. Here is a Video from the official Playstation Blog that has Jeff Rubenstein interviewing Atlus’s Aram Jabbari at E3 about this title. Grrrrr video would not embed so you will have to go to the PS Blog to see it.

And here is the E3 trailer.